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Since Smart began we have always had a keen focus on ensuring that no matter how the platform grows, it still remains faithful to allowing and encouraging an active and vibrant community.

When you join Smart you don’t just get access to the online photography course all its wonderful features but you also get access to the Smart community. A community of budding and aspiring photographers as well as photographers that are highly experienced and renowned in their particular field.

Below we have put together a collection of reasons to why having such a diverse and inspiring community can help further your photography adventure.

Get feedback from other photographers

Sometimes as photographers we need to look to other creatives to help forward our image making.

Being in a position to receive feedback on our work can help as you strive to further your photographic ability.

Smart and it’s community encourages students to submit their work to the feedback forum. Here photographers of all different skill levels can comment and critique your work. This gives you a great opportunity to listen to how other creatives think you could improve.

One of the most important factors that Smart is committed to is ensuring that all feedback given is constructive in nature. Any inappropriate comments will be removed immediately.

Get Help with a Specific Problem

Problems as a photographer can come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you have a problem with a client or are struggling to get the most out of your camera. Well the Smart community is always there to lend a hand offering advice on information on all your issues.

With the community boasting photographers of all different skill levels the chances are high that someone has gone through the same issues as you and if you are lucky, they should be there help you work through your problem.

A great place to start with your problem is to reach out to other members of the photography community however, in the rare case that there is no one able to help with your specific problem then you can always reach out with your specific problem.

Learn New Skills

One of the most commonly used features of the Smart community is inspiration wednesday. A weekly online photo submission session where photographers from across the world contribute their favourite images.

This particular submission isn’t an open critique session but more of an open question and answer sessions. Here you can ask photographers how they managed to capture a certain shot, what camera they used, what equipment they would recommend; pretty much anything regarding how they capture the shots that they present.

These sessions are a great way to learn new skills, simple ask a photographer what they did then try to put that into motion. If you need feedback on how to improve then simply submit your images to the open critique session.

Meetup with fellow photographers

Many of the students in our community arrange photography meetups. Here photographers of all genres come together to speak about all things photography.

Meetups can be in the form of a PhotoWalk where students complete a particular tour taking photos along the way and discussing new and exciting techniques with other tour members. Some of the previous photo walks include a tour of yosemite as well as trek up snowdonia.

All these meetups are arranged by the Smart community rather than the Smart team. This shows how involved many of the Smart members proving they are passionate about growing the community.

Share Experiences

Sometimes you just need to share your experience. This could be in form of photographing a beautiful location that you just need to shout about or it could be a particularly troublesome situation you have recently found yourself in.

No matter what your experience the photography community of Smart is there to listen to your story.

How Smart does community

Community is a idea we strive to improve every day. We want students to become part of the family when they sign up which is why we spend a lot of our time putting together resources and platforms to help the community grow.

No matter how time and effort we put into improving the Smart facilities it still always comes down to our members. If they want the community to grow they will make it happen. We aren’t going to lie, we are amazed by the ideas they have put into motion already.

Below is some of the platforms that the Smart team has put together to help provide the perfect foundation for community to grow.

Photography Forum: A vibrant and engaging area where photographers submit their work daily in the hunt for feedback, critical acclaim and support.

Workshops: Links to must attend photography workshops put on by photographers from around the world.

Meetups: Made by our community. Meetups come in all shapes and sizes. They are put together by current Smart students and can pop up anytime.

Mentoring: 1 to 1 Mentoring with your very own tutor. Create your own personal community reaching out get support whenever you need it.

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