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Learning photography can be one of the most rewarding experiences you could achieve.

While there are many online photography courses it’s important to realise that not every course offers the same features, quality training or mentoring. Choosing the right course can make or break your photography experience therefore it is up to us, the Smart team, to give you as much information as possible on why you should choose Smart.

Included in this page a selection of some of the reasons you should choose Smart however we are keen to stress that these are just some of the most common. Smart is packed with hundreds and thousands of features that make it the number one photography course.

Smart Features

The Smart learning platform includes so many useful features that it’s pretty much impossible to list them all. Below we have put together a few of our favs to help you with your decision.

Each feature has been thoroughly researched to ensure that it aids your photographic developing allowing your learning process to be natural and bespoke to you and your needs.

Many of the features are exclusive to Smart and are not available on alternative platforms.

Access to professional photography mentors:

As part of the online degree you will have the ability to interact and receive guidance from Smart Mentors. These are professional tutors that have vast knowledge and experience within the photography industry. You can ask any question you like.

Bespoke Training (choose which diplomas to take):

First and foremost Smart is a photography course that teaches you the fundamentals of photography. It starts with the basics and works its way up through more complex photography techniques.

On top of the main classes Smart also delves into genre specific areas. We also offer photography diplomas that focus entirely on certain photography types. An example of this would be our Wedding Photography 101 diploma that looks at how to be a wedding a photographer.

So how is the course bespoke to you? Well all of the expansion modules are choice dependent. You don’t have to complete them if you don’t want to. If you are planning on becoming a world class landscape photographer then the 101 in Sport Photography probably isn’t the best class for you.

Photography Diploma & Degree Certificate:

Working through the different courses and classes can be a hard and challenging experience. However, once of you have completed each degree you can claim the rewards to by receiving your photography certificate.

Post Grad Guidance:

We are passionate about ensuring all our students are fully equipped to help them achieve their own photography goals.

We don’t believe in long (or short) goodbyes so when you have completed the course you won’t have to leave. Instead you will be boosted up to our Alumni membership meaning that every time you reach out to one of our tutors they will instantly know your current level of ability.

All our course features are still available once you graduate meaning our mentors can help you continue in your photography career.

Lifetime Membership:

Linking into the above really. Once you pay for Smart, you get Smart forever. We don’t believe in expiration dates meaning no matter how active you are on the platform, you will always have access to Smart.

Another perfect reason why you should choose Smart.

Practical Learning Assignments with Feedback:

Throughout the course you have the opportunity to take on practical assignments. Each assignment will outline specific module related tasks that you need to complete. Once you have completed the task you can request feedback from your tutors and mentors.

Step by Step Learning Platform:

Once of the main reasons you should choose Smart is down to our brilliant and in-depth learning platform. The course is designed to help you learning organically, taking each step at the right time for your learning requirements.

Ever Updating:

We are always updating the platform adding new and exciting diplomas regularly. We are also completely on the button when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest technology meaning you will have access to one of the most inspiring and exciting online experiences.

For a full list of features please head over to our features page.

Course Modules

One of the best reasons to choose Smart has to be the vast array of modules on offer. Below we have listed a few of the modules that make up the Smart course.

For a more detailed breakdown of each module check out our module outline.

The History of Photography
Core Photography Skills
Photography Composition
Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed
Wedding Photography
Sports Photography
Photography Equipment
Black & White Photography
Landscape Photography
Top Tips & Mistakes to Avoid
Inspirational Photography Resources
Post Production: Lightroom & Photoshop

Our Students Love Us

One thing’s for sure is that Smart comes highly recommended.

Since we began we have had thousands of photography students come through the Smart door. Well login to the website at least… We are often blown away by the amazing feedback we receive from our students. It’s always great to hear the awesome stories from their photography journey and interesting to hear how Smart has forwarded their lives.

A few of our case studies:

Adam Kennelly:

“Smart is the number one aspect that improved my photography both technically and.. Spiritually.”

Read full Case Study

Jerry Wong:

“The learning platform is great but the best thing in my opinion about the course is the fact I am still learning now.”

Read full Case Study

Head on over to our reviews page to hear more from past and present students.

We are there to help

If you speak to our students you will find that 90% of them will say that our mentoring platform is single handedly the most important aspect of the course.

The fundamentals of photography degree will set you up and the mentoring will take you from aspiring and competent amateur to the top of your photography field.

Mentoring is available to all our Smart students. Just sign up to the course and click on the mentoring tab to get help on any photography related problem.

We are a community

Meeting and discussing photography with other photographers has got to be one of the best ways to improve your photographic ability. We certainly know that we learnt so much from our peers when we were starting out and having another like minded person to bounce ideas off really helped us become better photographers.

Smart’s community of budding and professional photographers has got to be high on the list of why you should choose us.

Once you join the course you get access to our facebook group as well as the built in photography forum. Here there are weekly critique sessions, inspirational mondays and so much more than can further your ability.

Anyone can become a photographer

Obviously everyone can become a photographer. Heck most people are already.

With ever improving technology, cameras have become part of our everyday lives. We take our phones out to take selfies. Reach for instagram for that family group shot and of course, take beautiful snaps of our ice cream and sprinkles. Photography really is a part of everyday life.

However, we also believe that you can use photography to help further your career should you wish. You can even turn your photography passion into a full time job and with the help of Smart we can help get you to the required level to become a professional creative.

We can critique you on how to improve your photos. Give you ideas for how you can market your own studio or advise on what areas you need to improve to take your photos to the next level.

Affordable and Friendly

We are going to be honest. Smart isn’t free. That being said in comparison to other leading providers we believe we are offering you both the most affordable service and best value for money.

The other aspect of cost is will it be worth your while in the long run. We really believe it will. Of course we could sit there and say, “You will learn to amazing photos of your family. You can’t put a price on capturing those memories.”, however we prefer to be a little more blunt and scientific…

If you fully utilise the Smart platform you can learn to charge large fees for your work. As an example, a wedding photographer could easily shoot 50 weddings a year charging thousands for each commission. This tends to cover the small Smart joining fee.

For more information head on over to our pricing page.

Learning Paths

You might have heard the phrase ‘learning paths’ quite a lot. Essentially it means the path that you will follow to achieve certain goals specific to you.

As an example, if you are a complete newbie to photography and are keen on become a full time wedding photographer. It’s the learning path you will need to take in order to achieve that goal.

Smart has learning paths for all its creatives meaning that no matter your goal, we can help guide you towards that goal with our teaching and mentoring.

We put together a small article of some of the most popular paths our students have followed. Take a look and see whether they are similar to what you want to follow - Learning Paths.

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