Welcome to our change log and update page.

Here we keep you updated with the work we are doing on the Smart project. Whether its adding to the course, updating the site or launching offers and promotions.

18th December 2017: Launched 'Refer a friend'

We are very happy to announce our 'refer a friend' scheme for all Smart students.

We are passionate about teaching photography and spreading the wonderful escape that capturing images can be. As a result we are offering a discount for all member that refer the platform. Visit our referral page for more information.

16th November 2017: New 1 to 1 Mentoring Platform

Smart members will now be able to use the new 1 to 1 mentoring platform. All the great mentoring benefits as before packaged in an easy to use platform. Log in to your dashboard now.

12th October 2017: Resources page update

We have updated the Smart student resources page. The updates include new links to discounts and other useful photography websites.

10th October 2017: Free to Learn course added, 'Photography for Bloggers'

As part of the continued development of Smart we have decided to add a range of 'free to learn' courses. They will be released throughout the year and will cover a range of various topics.

To start with we have created the 'Photography for Bloggers' module. A course designed to teach you all you need to know about the adding great photo's to your blog.

1st October 2017: Updated Course Design

We have slightly adjusted the course design allowed you to progress through each module easily and more intuitively.

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