Smart & Jerry

Joining a photography course was always on my bucket list. It got to the point where I had finished university, I was struggling to get a job in my chosen field but I was still as passionate about photography as I had always been. Finding Smart and taking the plunge was easily one of best decisions I have made.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hey, I am Jerry or Jeremy as my parents call me.

I am a Hong Kong based, wedding photographer as well as being passionate about studio and commercial photography.

Tell us a little about your photography style..

I would describe my photography style as natural and reportage with an eye for detail. I primarily focus on shooting weddings where the couple is keen for me to capture the moments rather than pose and force every shot.

I am inspired by street photographers and try to put the same emphasis on my wedding photos.

When and why did you join Smart?

I joined Smart just over 1 year ago. June 2016 I think it was.

I had just finished university, a course in marketing actually and I had spent about 5 weeks applying for what felt like hundreds of jobs with zero success. I decided to take a bit of a leap of faith and enroll on the Smart program. I thought maybe I could improve my photo skills make a little extra money while the right job came along. Since then I have never look back.

When did you decide you wanted to learn photography?

Well I have always enjoyed taking photos of the family or snapping a few shots when I have been on vacation. I understood that if I wanted to really take the photography side further I needed to learn the specifics. What makes an image look the way it looks and how to achieve that with my equipment.

I always knew that photography would play a part in my life but it was until joining Smart that I discovered it could be such a big part of me.

What did you like most about the platform?

The learning platform is great but the best thing in my opinion about the course is the fact I am still learning now.

I first completed the fundamentals of photography aspect of the course about a year ago. I think it took me about 8 weeks of casual studying to pass. This gave me a great knowledge of most things photography related and allowed me to home my craft to where I am now.

I tended to either study in the evening when I have finished chores or on the train on my phone to pass time. Im still learning now as there are constantly new modules added plus the 1 to 1 mentoring allows me to get help with any photography related questions I might have.

What course feature did you use the most?

I mentioned before that the 1 to 1 mentoring can be a real life saver when I stumble across a problem in my day to day photography business. I think this is probably the best part of the course and probably the number one reason I would tell people to sign up. Other than that there is so many features that help you learn in an interactive an fun way. I used to look forward to spending time on the course and discovering new techniques that I didn't previously know about.

Do you think Smart helped improve your photography ability?

Absolutely. As I mentioned before I already had a limited knowledge of photography but I didn't know the philosophy or science behind it all. Smart took me from a novice to my own photography business in a few weeks. I now know how to achieve specific effects allowing me to capture images I want, in the style I want.

Would you recommend Smart to other budding photographers?

I would yes. I think having the safety net of Smart is massively important. Yes it can take you from capturing blurry shots of your family to awesome landscape shots but it's also much more.

While my photography journey is still just beginning I have already relied on the mentors at Smart to give me advice moving forward. I just shoot them a message and within a matter of moments they will respond helping in anyway they can. I would recommend it to photographer new and old no matter what your experience level.

Where do you find your photography inspiration?

I think like most photographer, I am inspired by everything. Everywhere you look around there is inspiration. Day to day life is full of amazing and beautiful things that can help drive your photography in new and exciting ways

If you had one tip for beginner photographers what would it be?

Well I still consider myself a beginner or at least still learning anyway but if I had one piece of advice for it would be, to be open to anything and allow your photography to take you on a journey. Rather than trying to force and fake where you take your photography.

Where do you see your photography career taking you?

I want to just keep improving my ability by taking better photos. I am not 100% sure where I want my business to go but what I do know is that I want photography to be a massive part of it.

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