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Smart & Adam

What is Smart to me? Thats a good question.. I think I see Smart as a door. Something that I opened that led me to where I am now.

Photography isnt just a skill. Its a change in your life. It used to be that I would walk down the street and just go about my daily routine but since joining Smart thats all changed. I now open my eyes.

As a photographer you see everything. You are constantly thinking how you could photograph everything or what it would all look like as an image. A passer by is your muse. A shop window is a prop. Everything and anything is seen through the camera lens even when you dont have your camera with you.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am Adam Kennelly. I am a fashion photographer.

Tell us a little about your photography style..

Creative and raw I think would be the best two words I would use to describe my work. I am not one for heavy photoshopping or over the top manipulation. I like my images to look real.

The models I work with are beautiful and it’s my job to highlight this beauty in my imagery. Faking an image in my opinion is wrong however capturing a persons beauty is my real strength as a photographer.

I also believe that my style is constantly changing and adapting to the world. If I look at my photos from a few years back, its striking to me how much my style and approach has changed. I think moving with the times is a vital part of success in photography. If you look at the legendary photographers work such as Ansell Adams or Steve McCurry, they changed and adapted over time but still remained true to their philosophies.

So yeh, creative and raw. My style right now. In the future, who knows...

When and why did you join Smart?

I joined Smart 2 years ago. I had always been intrigued by photography and I wanted to go on a journey discovering different photography techniques. I found Smart when searching online. I was really excited how they also saw photography as art and not just a means to money. For me photography is art. Don’t get me wrong. Photography as a career is brilliant and amazing for the photographers who do it but for me it’s all about the art.

I noticed that the course was put together by a couple of award winning photographers that I already knew about. There photos were something else and to be honest, I jumped at the chance to be part of this project.

The community aspect was also something that drew me in. With so many amazing photographers to get inspired by and work with it was a no brainer.

When did you decide you wanted to learn photography?

I think post university was my breakthrough. I have always been keen on art and design and in a way, photography is a natural progression of this. Or just another medium in which to display your art. That’s just a matter of opinion though.

I think there is something beautiful about photography and images. They freeze a moment that can never be recreated or seen again. They can be so powerful. Powerful enough to unite people, overthrow governments, inspire generations. There is something some meaningful about certain images and I really just wanted to be part of something that inspires me.

What did you like most about the platform?

The people involved. Not the creators or founders but the everyday people who are inspired by photography. Feeling those stories through their images is probably my favourite part of the course.

I think overall it was great as well. I started taking photos that were ok but as I worked through the course I could see an improvement in my shots. Caption, composition, feeling. Everything improved and it was just up to me to put those newly learned skills to use. I hope I have done that now.

What course feature did you use the most?

The support from the guys behind the scenes. When you make your first request for help you are assigned a mentor or tutor as they call them. You then literally ask any question you want to them and they go out of their way to help.

I remember my first question was simple, “which photo is better?” My tutor, Mike, then responded with “what is the photos purpose?”, he didn’t just give me the answer, he asked me a question which gave me the answer. I think they are always trying to push you to learn rather than just feed you what you want to hear.

Do you think Smart helped improve your photography ability?

Yes. Smart is the number one aspect that improved my photography both technically and.. Spiritually.

Smart helped me improved my technical abilities every step of the way. I learned to create compositions and images that told a story.

Would you recommend Smart to other budding photographers?

Of course. I wouldn’t be doing this interview if I wouldn’t haha. No seriously, Smart is great. Whether you are old or you, established or new to the world of photography. Smart has something that can help you. It can take you on a journey of discovery and be there wait at the end telling you where to go next, no, actually, giving you the help so you can make the decision on where you want to go next.

Where do you find your photography inspiration?

In everything and anything. I mentioned earlier that I can walk down the street and be inspired and moved by what I see. I think inspiration is all around you and you just need to open your eyes to see it.

If you had one tip for beginner photographers what would it be?

Open your eyes.

Where do you see your photography career taking you?

I dont really see my photography as a career although I am very excited to see where my photography journey takes me. I have no goals, I am just along for the ride.

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