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With a growing number of happy graduates
from all over the world, we thought it only right to share what
they think of Smart.

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  • course review

    What a brilliant course! The skills I have learnt over the last few months have allowed me create some beautiful images. I am grateful that the course has helped me develop my skills. - Lanty

  • This course has been brilliant every step of the way. It has taught me valuable skills and improved my photography ten fold. I would highly recommend. - Adam

    recommended photo course
  • recommended photography classes

    Joining Smart was single handedly the best thing I did in pursuing my photography career. From learning the basics of photography, to developing my own style, everything that Smart taught me has helped when building my own studio. The post-graduate business sessions were a huge help when looking for support on starting my own photography business.- Jeremy

  • Roughly half way through and loving it so far. Each module is so in depth and Tom, my personal tutor has helped out a lot! - Emily

    best reviewed photo course
  • course recommendation

    When I start I knew absolutely nothing about photography but since joining I have really been able to learn lots of new skills. I am doing it mainly for enjoyment but getting to practice some of the lessons I have learnt so far and see how I have improved is really rewarding. - Jon

  • Easily the most in-depth and rewarding course out there. With so many great members. End of Module quizzes and hundreds of additional resources, I would recommend Smart to anyone. - Tom

    highly acclaimed photography course
  • top photography course

    Wow, Smart is just fantastic! I have learnt how to set up my camera for certain situations and how to get the best images out of the equipment I have. Thank you. - Jill

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