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history of photography

Module: The History of Photography

Learn about this history of photography from when cameras were first invented to what made them like they are today. A wonderful curated look back into photographic history.

What the module covers:

  • Photographic Processing Types
  • The Complete History of Manufactures
  • Where it all began
  • Famous people from the world of photography
  • A year-by-year timeline of key photography events
core photography skills

Module: Core Photography Skills

Where it all starts, core photography skills. Get to grips with your camera, learn basic settings and understand key photography lingo. Every good photography course needs begins with the basics!

What the module covers:

  • Camera Settings
  • How a camera works
  • Basics of composition
  • Understanding key photography sayings
  • The differences in cameras types
  • How to get the most out of your equipment
  • When lens and set ups suit each type of event
photography composition

Module: Photography Composition

Composition. Composition. Composition. Photography is nothing without great composition as it can turn an average image into a knock out one. We will teach you how simple compositional rules can supercharge your photos.

What the module covers:

  • Compositional Rules including 'The Rule of Thirds', 'The Rule of Odds', 'The Golden Ratio' etc etc.
  • How to take an OK photo and make it great
  • How certain techniques work with certain subjects
  • The best equipment to use when following the rules
  • How to break the rules!
understanding aperture, iso and shutter speed

Module: Aperture, ISO and Shutterspeed

Fundamental and imperative photography learning. Learn to understand aperture, ISO and shutterspeed to help you take control of your camera allowing you to boost your photography giving you confidence to shoot manually.

What the module covers:

  • What is Aperture
  • What is ISO
  • What is Shutterspeed
  • How the wrong settings can affect your shots
  • How to master these core settings for different events
  • How to use your camera to changes these settings
learn wedding photography

Module: Wedding Photography

The Ultimate guide to wedding photography from understanding what camera set up works well to the order of the wedding day. The wedding photography module was created by award-winning wedding photographers with over 600 weddings under their lens holster.

What the module covers:

  • How a wedding day unfolds
  • Specific Tips to help you complete a stress free wedding shoot
  • Optimal settings for different parts of the day
  • Tips on backing up and security
  • How to make the day unfold smoothly
  • How to photography family formal group photos
  • Our guide to making the most of your bridal portrait session
sports photography

Module: Sports Photography

Whether photographing your childrens soccer game or watching Kobe run rings around LeBron our sports photography module will help you capture amazing sporting shots. From learning how to use different techniques to bring your images to life, to showing how to create real emotion in your artistry.

What the modules covers:

  • How your equipment will affect your shots
  • How to add live action to your photos bringing them to life
  • How to freeze subjects in time as they compete
  • A walkthrough guide to shooting a tennis match
  • How to tell a story with your photos
best photography equipment

Module: Photography Equipment

Are you a gear head or just starting your journey into photography, well good news, our photography equipment module has all the information you need. News on the latest cameras, what the different levels of cameras are and how having the right equipment can bolster your images.

What the module covers:

  • Common equipment used in photography
  • How the equipment can genuinely improve your shots
  • Our recommended equipment for each photography genre
  • Information on the best brands
black and white photography

Module: Black & White Photography

Understanding the beautiful aesthetics of black and white photography is one of the core photography principles you must learn on your photography journey. This module aims to introduce you to the science behind black and white photography and how it can turn your images into works of art.

What the module covers:

  • The science behind monochrome imagery
  • What subjects black and white photography works best with
  • How to set up your camera to shoot jpeg black and white photos
  • Why there will always be a place for black and white photography
learn landscape photography

Module: Landscape Photography

If there is one thing that everyone should learn, it's how to take a nice photo of a landscape. Everyone loves exploring new places and most of us will pull out our iPhone at the first glimpse of decent view. This module teaches you how to take kick-ass landscapes shots. It's as simple as that!

What the module covers:

  • The best equipment for getting the perfect landscape shots
  • Tips on how to improve your shots
  • How to find the perfect landscape locations
  • What is shot bracketing
  • How to shoot during golden hour
  • Why wide angle lenses are the best way to go
  • How to stay safe on your landscape quest
photography tips

Module: Top Tips

Top Tips.. Need I say more? A comprehensive guide to photography tips. No matter what genre or style of photography your are looking follow, our list of tips is applicabel across the board.

What the module covers:

  • A curated list of the top photography tips
  • How to back up your imagery
  • How to succeed in your photography field
  • When to follow the rules and when to break them
photography mistakes to avoid

Module: Mistakes to Avoid

A look in to common photography pitfalls with advice from pro's on how to avoid them and perhaps more importantly, how to bounce back after.

What the module covers:

  • Common photography related pitfalls and mistakes
  • How to avoid common problems
  • How to bounce back
  • Why these mistakes are just part of your photography journey

Module: Places of Inspiration

Every body needs inspiration every once in a while. Even Isaac Newton was inspired by an apple so why shouldn't you take inspiration from others? You should! In this module we round up the best sources of photography inspiration.

What the module covers:

  • A fully audited list of the best photography inspiration sites around
  • How to take inspiration from yourself
  • How to build on the inspiration and create something that is unique to you
photoshop and lightroom

Module: Post Production

It's obvious that one of the most important aspects of photography is post production. In this module we will take you on a journey into the wonderful world of photoshop and lightroom teaching you how to make the most of your photography.

What the module covers:

  • How to edit with Photoshop
  • How to edit with Lightroom
  • The ultimate photography workflow guide
  • How to take the image from your camera, to your computer, to your audience
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