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Smart is one of the photography industries leading provider of online photography lessons, offering bespoke, in-depth and forward thinking photography training to thousands of students across the world.

Our entire photography training platform is built around the idea of learning the basics of photography and developing those specific skills to help you become a brilliant photographer.

Below we have put together some information on why our photography training and lessons are so well regarded as well what specifically our lesson and curriculum covers.

1 to 1 Photography Training & Development

With the Smart course being built on a foundation degree of photography, it’s important to understand exactly how our training is provided and delivered to you.

The fundamentals of photography course will help set up you up on your photography path. The course trains and educates you in various theories of photography. It teaches you the basics from understanding the principles of photography right through to how to put those principles into practice.

Alongside the photography modules we also offer our 1 on 1 mentoring program. This is where the real training comes in.

With mentoring and guidance from award winning photographers and creatives we are there to help train you allowing you to become the photographer you want to.

Bespoke to you

While our main course is pretty standard to all photographers, our learning platform can be tailored to your specific needs.

Once you have completed the main focus modules it’s time to learn how Smart can help you with your specific needs. The best way to do this is to reach out to the Smart team and make use of our 1 to 1 training. This way you can ask any question you want and we will do our utmost to help provide the answer to your exact problem.


With over 18 modules and hundreds of photography lessons Smart is one of the most comprehensive photography training programs available.

Our students often praise us and our course for the attention to detail that we got to ensure you receive the best online learning experience.

Learn in your own time or when you need help

Many photography lessons are governed by an overall deadline usually meaning you have set time to complete certain training modules. In our opinion this can potentially stunt the learning process meaning you don’t reach your full potential.

As a result Smart doesn’t force time restraints and allows all its students to learn in their own time, at their pace.

Mentoring & Guidance

Smarts most used and most well known feature is its 1 to 1 Mentoring and Support. Simply ask us any photography related question and we'll tell you the answer. If we don’t know the answer we will go out of our way to find the answer and help you along your journey.

Community Support

A strong and active community can help the learning experience in many ways. It can provide an environment of inspiration and support as well as a brilliant place to meet new people and share photography ideas.

The Smart course has a vibrant community of photographers that regularly contribute images to and feedback to other photographers. Our photography forum is a fantastic place to discuss ideas and hear stories from other photographers.

Feedback & Constructive Criticism

An important part of any learning experience is constructive criticism and receiving feedback on your work.

With Smart you get access to our online feedback center. Here you can upload your images and receive feedback from other Smart members as well as the Smart instructors.

This allows you to understand how you can improve your photography.

In-depth Online Photography Lessons

Key Dates in Photography History

A breakdown of some of the most important moments in photography history. Dates including the invention of the digital camera to the forming of the most popular camera companies.

Historic Processing Types

From digital processing to processing types from history. Learn what goes into photography processing types with our lessons.

Famous Camera Manufacturers

Canon to Nikon. The must know history on your favourite camera manufacturers.

What is Digital Photography

Photography as we know and love it. But where did it all begin, how does it work and what does the future hold.

Key Photographic Terms

Get to understand your golden ratio from your golden sunset. An in-depth lesson looking at the most common photography phrases and sayings. What on earth is ‘CHIMPING???!!!’

How to Correctly Hold a Camera

Sounds straightforward… Wrong. A lesson on best way to hold the camera in any given situation to ensure you get the best results.

How to Choose the Perfect Subject

A guide to choosing the right subject and how to ensure that is safe and ok to photograph that particular subject.

The Different Types of Cameras

Know you prosumer from your DSLR. A guide on what camera is what and whether it’s the right camera for you to buy.

How a Camera Works

A breakdown lesson into the science behind your camera. From camera senses to the on/off switch you will learn how a shot goes from a vision to a capture.

The Different Shooting Modes

Learn all the different modes available on most cameras. Learn when to use portrait right through knowing the ideal time for TV mode.

Important Photography Equipment

Do you need a tripod? How can a tripod help you? What is the best tripod to buy. A lesson on must have photographic equipment. Much more than a tripod guide…

Genres & Types of Photography

Understanding the different genres of photography.

Storage & File Processing

Our ultimate guide on how to backup your photos to make sure you never lose a shot.

Editing & Post Production

Learn about the different post production tools and know what tool is best for you.

Photography Rules

When to follow and when the breakdown the rules. Our guide to understanding how to get the most out of the famous photography rules.

Framing & Context

Understand the best way to frame a shot to create power, emotion and visually pleasing aesthetic to your images.

Symmetry & Lines

How to utilise symmetry and lines to help catapult your images from nice shots to killer images.

Rule of Thirds/Rule of Odds

Two of the most famous photography principles. We break them down and tell you how to put these theories into motion to help improve your photography.

The basics of Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO

The Golden Triangle. Everything you need to know about shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

The Basics of Lightroom

The mass photographers best friend. Learn how to edit multiple images in one go meaning your workflow is fast, efficient and quite frankly, awesome!

The Basics of Photoshop

A software so popular and well know that they named a service after it. “Will you photoshop me”.

Retouching & Color Correction

Learn how to retouch and correct all your imagery.

Black & White Photography

Where it all started. Learn how to create stunning monochrome images that will look as good in 100 years as they do now.

Landscape Photography

The next time you trek up a mountain you can do so knowing that when you reach the top you will be able to capture some brilliant landscape photographs.

Sports Photography

101 on sports photography. The complete guide to learning to capture awesome sport and event photography.

Wedding Photography

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings. It’s where the Smart team started their photography career. This lesson gives a direct insight into the wedding photography and everything that goes into capturing a wedding.

Mistakes to Avoid

Lessons to learn and mistakes to avoid. Speaking from experience we give you our rundown on how to avoid potential photography blunders.

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