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The Smart photo course has so many brilliant photography training features that we thought it was only right to give you a sneak preview into everything you get access to when you sign up.

Below you will see a selection of images highlighting various aspects of the course. As we mention above it’s a small sneak peak and it doesn’t really give a detailed analysis of how amazing the Smart platform is.

Launch Hub (Dashboard)

The home of the Smart course. Your home hub. From here you have access to everything you ever need to become a photography master.

We designed the Smart Dashboard with the intention of making learning photography an enjoyable, interactive and exciting experience.

From the dashboard you can easily navigate to various aspects of course. Whether you are looking to find new photography discounts and offers or just continue along the modular learning path, the entire process is just intuitive. Just head to your dashboard and follow the links to the different areas.

Preview of the Smart Hub

Photography Offers

On your dashboard you will see a ‘Photography Resources’ link. Following this link will direct you to the offers, discounts and resources section of the platform.

The resources section is continuously being updated with fresh content.

We have access to a wide range of freebies for everything photography related as well as discounts for many of the leading camera supply stores.

Preview of Photography Offers & Resources

Guidance Dashboard

Time to take your photos to the next level.

Our mentoring program has become synominous with the platform. Here students can receive mentoring and support from leading photography professionals.

One of our Smart mentors can quite literally guide you through the course, push you to achieve more from your photography all with the idea of achieving your photography goal.

Preview of 1 to 1 Mentoring

Online Training

Receive bespoke, intuitive photography training via your mobile or laptop. Learn in your time time, at your pace with our award winning step by step lessons.

You can head on over to the fundamentals of photography course directly from the hub. This will automatically take you to where your finished previously meaning you can pick up from where you left.

Preview of the Training Platform


The platform is also interactive meaning you have a more organic and exciting teaching experience.

From quizzes and assignments to mentoring and fact sheets. Smart goes out of its way to create an interactive platform to help you progress along your photography journey.

Preview of Interactive Features

Quizzes & Assessments

During the modules you will be asked to complete quizzes and questions based on what you have learnt. In some cases you will have to complete the quiz to gain access to the next module. Most of the modules won’t make up your final grade as this will purely be done on the end of year assessments.

There are several main assessments, they take place at the end of each semester and as part of the final ‘end of course assessment.’

The end of course assessment covers everything you should have learnt during the fundamentals of photography course. You will be asked several questions from each module. If you successfully answer enough questions you will complete the photography course and receive your photography certificate.

Preview of Assessments & Quizzes

Certificate of Achievement

Your certificate of photography achievement becomes available only after you passed the end of course assessment. Once you have received a high enough grade to pass you will have access to your certificate which can be downloaded from the course dashboard.

Access to your certificate is not limited at can be downloaded at any time. If you require another copy of your certificate simply shoot us an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to send across.

Preview of Certificate of Achievement

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