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If you are interested in starting to learn photography then we understand that you probably want to know a little more about how it all works and what to expect when you sign up to Smart Photo Courses.

Underneath you will a rundown of the signup process and a brief guide on how you will progress through the photography course.

Course Preview

The Smart course is one of the most detailed and in depth online learning experiences available.

As well offering such a large photographic database of knowledge we have spent a large amount of time focusing on the user experience of the platform. We wanted to make sure that the learning process is focussed but organic. The platform allows you to learn in your own time at your own pace.

Our platform has a unique way of ensuring that you are continually pushed forward, learning a vast array of photographic techniques and skills as your progress through the course.

It’s natural to want to know more about how the course and what it’s actually like under the hood.

To help give you an insight into the learning platform we have created a course preview. Take a look at what you will have access to once you sign up.

What’s Covered?

The Smart course covers the basics of photography as well as help and guidance on taking you to the next level.

The classes designed to be accessible to people of all skill levels. If you have never picked up a camera before, the course is perfect to you. If you have 10 years photography experience but wanting to take yourself further, the course is perfect for you. Finally, if you have mastered all you feel you need to master but need help in other areas such as marketing and promotion, the course is perfect for you.

Visit our what’s covered page for more information on what the specifics are available to learn on the platform.

Signing Up

Making the decision to join Smart is a decision we believe you will not regret.

The process all starts with joining the program. You can join via our sign up page.

Here you be given the option to choose your payment plan. We have two options for payment, a one time fee or a monthly instalment program. Choose the payment plan that you believe is right for you.

Both payment plans give the same level of access to Smart complete with all Smart features and lifetime access to the learning platform. The only difference is in the way you will be billed.

If you have any further questions about our fees and signing up you can get in touch via our sign up help page.

Welcome to the Start of your Photography Journey

You have taken the plunge and can’t wait to get started? Amazing! Your photography journey starts right here.

Once you have completed the signup process you will be redirected to your course dashboard. From here you have access to a world of resources, learning and knowledge.

You can access all the course has to offer from right here. Just click on the area you wish to view and you will be taken to your desired location.

Photography Resources

The photography resources section is one of the most viewed areas of the Smart online platform.

This section is continuously updated with offers, discounts and freebies from the world of photography. We are also lucky enough to get early access to new photography gear.

While the resources page doesn’t directly further your photography learning it is another of the many reasons that students choose Smart over other photography course providers.

Fundamentals of Photography

The big one. Where your journey really gets underway. The fundamentals of photography course is the step by step, learn in your own time teaching program that helps take your from ameteur wannabee to professional photographer.

All course students should start here as it’s the perfect environment for you to hone your ability, go over new and existing photographic principles as well as learning about the history of photography.

The experience walks you through everything photography related including the history of photography to advanced photography retouching.

It’s our goal to give you access to all the photography teaching you should ever need allowing you to progress from beginner to professional photographer.

Get Fully Certified

Of course the goal of the photography course is to learn photography however it’s always great to receive something to show off what you have achieved.

Once you have completed the course you will be presented with your certificate of achievement. This will be available to download from your dashboard and can be used in a variety of ways from bolstering to your CV/Resume or giving confidence to potential clients wishing to book you for your photography.

You can find out more about earning your certificate of achievement by visiting our certificates page.


If you are now thinking that Smart has taught you everything you need to know about photography, you’d be wrong. Now the hard work really starts.

Upon receiving your diploma you will have grafted a core knowledge of photographic principles but now it’s time to let Smart work for you by testing your ability and advising you on how you can improve.

Using Smart’s renowned 1 on 1 mentoring system you can ask any question, resolve problems, receive feedback and of course, be set individual assignments that should help forward to photography expertise.

Addon Classes

As well as the main fundamentals of photography course we also provide many add on classes and diplomas.

The additional diplomas are released regularly and tend to focus on specific areas of photography going in to great depth of that specific skill set. This could include mastering the art of posing or how to be a better documentary storyteller.

Each class comes complete with it’s own photography diploma certificate meaning you get out what you put it.

Take the first step in your photography journey right now... Join Today