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Education is a wonderful thing. Education gives us empowerment, the ability to do whatever you want. To achieve whatever you want to achieve.

At Smart we believe that education, specifically educating yourself is one of the most rewarding activities you can ever undertake. We believe that education gives you a platform for greatness. Greatness that can come in all shapes and sizes, not just academic.

Education gives you self belief and confidence pushing you further and further towards achieving your goals.

The philosophy of Smart has always been that photography is a gift that can be used in so many positive ways and that if we can build a platform that encourages the education of photography, we can really make a difference in people's day to day lives.

A photography education can open your eyes and change your view on the world.


One of the most important benefits that education can give you is confidence. A trait that is often overlooked when judging exactly how learning has empowered a student.

Confidence can come from all areas of education. You can feel confident that you have learnt a new skill, or even just that you put yourself out there into an environment where you could learn that skill.

You may feel confident to offer advice or simply meet new people that can enrich your life.

Traditionally speaking a educational degree is a vote of confidence in itself and is considered proof of your knowledge and skill set. This as a result means that people will listen and take your points into consideration. This alongside that fact that you have worked hard to earn your degree should give you confidence to put yourself out there.

At Smart we believe that the platform we have created enables confidences to grow and that the environment we have provided can nurture your confidence allowing it to thrive.

We believe in empowering your creativity while always offering constructive and well thought out feedback meaning you can both increase your ability and confidence.

Education can give you confidence to express your opinions and thoughts without second guessing or over thinking.

Skill Set & Ability

Let’s be honest, first and foremost education is about learning a range of skills in order to become well versed and competent in your chosen field.

With Smart we educate you in the art of photography, well actually much more than the art, pretty much everything photography related.

We believe that when you choose Smart you get access to the most comprehensive and well formed photography learning platform meaning your skills and ability can grow dramatically but in an organic and natural manner.

With Smart you will be taken on a journey from a beginner photographer right through to a professional or at least a professional level. We educate you in all things photography from photography principles, marketing your studio right through to where you can find your photographic inspiration.

If education is the door to a better defined set of skills and a more diverse range of abilities then Smart is the key to that photographic door.

Enrich Your Life

Education, moreover a photography education has the power to enrich your life allowing you to become more skilled, allowing for better opportunities while giving you to earn you respect.

Gaining your Smart degree drives creativity and gives you the tools to unlock that creativity. It teaches you the fundamentals of photography from the ground up teaching you the knowledge to capture awesome imagery while becoming well versed in an entirely new skill set.

Once you have earned your diploma you feel a sense of pride knowing you have worked hard to earn your degree. Your certificate can be used to open doors earning respect from peers and other photography or creative professionals and experts.

You will be able to utilise what you have learnt to see the world in a whole new light while meeting new people and making new friends. Friends with a similar passion living anywhere across the world.

Education has the power to bring people together and enrich everything about your day to day life.

Ladders of Opportunity

One of the core ideologies we look at with the Smart platform is ‘ladders of opportunity’ and alongside that, ‘learning paths’. Simply put, how can Smart open new doors for you and what different learning paths can help you achieve.

We always say that the best way to start any project, whether thats learning photography or painting the fence, is to outline your goals. When you have completed the project what do you want to have achieved?

Once your goals have been set, learning paths can be followed and steps taken to ensure that the right openings present themselves to you.

We have put together a few learning tracks for you to look through however paths are generally dictated or created based on your goals.

Education as a whole provides the perfect breeding ground for potential opportunities. Looking at the photography education that Smart provides, opportunities can arise from meeting other students within the platform, liaising and discussing ideas with team mentors or even through simply getting out and about practising your photography skills.

Simply put, you don’t win the raffle if you don’t buy a ticket.

Another reason why education can help create opportunities is that in inspires. You will learn new skills, developing your knowledge of all things photography. This as a result will inspire you, giving you new ideas and fresh perspectives along the way. These ideas can eventually result in fantastic and exciting opportunities. Joining Smart allows you to discuss these ideas, receive feedback and of course, receive tutoring on how you can turn your ideas into reality.

“Smart showed me that anything is possible. I went from not knowing how to take a non-shaky photo to selling my artwork across the world. I have a lot to thank the Smart team for and photography as a whole.”

Self dependant

One of the problems with mandatory education is the fact that its mandatory. Don’t get us wrong, we a big believers in mandatory education but also believe that making a decision to go into further education is one of key choices that will drive confidence and enable further education to broaden your life opportunities.

You’ve already taken the big decision to further yourself through education and now it’s time to set your goals and begin on your photography journey.

Choosing to enrol on the Smart platform means you are self dependent when it comes to learning. The Smart platform makes learning easy but also suited to you. You can learn in your own time, at your own pace allowing you to be the master of your own education.

It’s for this reason that we believe self education is so important. Rather than being explicitly told to learn, you need to make it happen yourself. If you do make it happen then education opens up an entire world of possibilities.

Happiness and Stability

Happiness is something that everyone strives for whether it’s personally, academically or within their career choice.

Education can increase the chances of your happiness as well as providing potential long term stability both financially and in other areas.

Signing up to the Smart Photography Education Platform can allow you greater opportunities in life. It can offer you a backup to your current career as well as potentially expanding your knowledge to allow you to take up photography as a full time career. Knowing you have such a wonderful skill to fall back on can offer stability and happiness within your life.

Happiness also comes from learning a new skill and photography is a skill that can open so many doors. Whether you are looking for personal enjoyment from taking photos of your friends and family or professional enjoyment as you forge ahead to earn money from your imagery, Smart has the resources to allow you to learn any photography skill you could possibly need.

Our philosophy on happiness is quite simple and revolves around four core principles. Friendship & Family, Financial, Health and Pride.

While Smart can’t really help with the health principle we are fully committed to believing that it can help provide all three of the others.

Join Smart and make new friends while meeting up with hundreds of students from across the globe. Let Smart teach you how you can turn photography into a financially rewarding career. Finally, education offers you complete pride. Feel proud that you have achieve such an accolade and a great sense of pride with the images you have learnt to create.

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