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What is a Photography Degree?

I guess the place to start would be describing what a photography degree actually is. Well to us, a photography degree is an experience that can help develop your photographic skills and improve your chances of starting your career in photography.

There is plenty of arguments within the education community on the difference between courses, degrees, diplomas however we like to think that the SmartDiploma covers all aspects of photography learning.

While we advertise Smart as an online course, in reality it is much more a degree. Smart is an ongoing learning platform which at the over the course, you will receive a degree certificate based on how successful you have been.

Our course also offers both theory and practical learning objectives. Generally speaking, online courses tend to be theory based whereas when studying on a degree, learning tends to involve by theory and practical. We believe this is the best way to learn photography.

We also tailor specific, in-depth academic modules meaning the course also acts an online diploma. We put together specific diploma sessions allowing you to practise precise skills in a certain field of photography.

Learn out more about our course certificates ⇢

How can a degree in photography help you?

We truly believe that if you work hard on the Smart course and earn your degree then providing you are committed to photography it can and will help you in so many ways.

Improves your skill set:

Whether your overall goal is to take photos of your family or to turn your photography into a career, expanding your photographic knowledge will help improve your overall creative skill set.

Improves your resume:

Have an advanced diploma in photography (SmartDiploma) will dramatically improve your cv whether you are applying for a creative photography position or any other role. Having the experience on your resume shows you are willing to commit to something for self improvement and should help set you up for any potential roles.


You will experience what being a photographer is really like. Liaising with other photographers, learning the theory and putting that theory to practice will build up your experience within a new industry. You will also find the experience very enjoyable and fulfilling as you further yourself through the course on the way to earning your photography diploma.

Turn your hobby into a career:

Let’s be honest, a lot of people aren’t happy with their jobs and often find photography as a comforting hobby and escape from that career. Well what if we told you that earning your photography diploma could help turn your hobby into your career? Sound good? Thought so!

Well the Smart degree guides you from beginner photographer right through to being able to start your own photography studio. We will offer marketing and business guidance as well giving you tips on how to turn your hobby into your full time profession.


Feedback is one of the most important aspects of anyones photography journey. While it’s always good to ask friends and family for their thoughts they are often not the best sources of guidance. Studying with Smart and its degree platform will allow you receive constructive criticism which in turn should improve your overall photography skill.

Why the Smart photography diploma is a great choice

There are many online photography courses offering photography diplomas and certificates but of course we believe Smart the best choice to help you learn photography.

Below we have put together a list of some of the course features although for a full run down head on over to our features page.

- In-depth and Interactive intuitive learning platform
- Ongoing mentoring and tutoring
- Active and Vibrant Community
- Genre Specific Diplomas
- Ever Updating modules and classes
- Free photography resources and discounts
- A rigorous and extensive curriculum

Earn your photography certificate

Earning your photography certificate can be one of the most rewarding things you will do. The interactive and exciting experience can help propel you in your career or even to a more enjoyable hobby experience.

How does the process work?

Sign Up

Sign Up up to the course using our Join page. You can pay all in one go or monthly installments. Joining Smart gives you full access to the platform including our online modules and classes, 1 to 1 mentoring and all our photographic resources.

Login to your dashboard

Once you have signed up you will be sent your account details. From here you can log into the course dashboard. The course dashboard is your home hub of everything the Smart platform has to offer. Continue on your degree, look for resources or contact us for support. It all starts here.

Work through the ‘Fundamentals of Photography’ modules

This is where it all starts. The Fundamentals of Photography work through is the first place you will start to learn photography. It starts with the basics carrying on through to more advanced photography theory.


The fundamentals of photography is just the beginning. We are well known for our 1 to 1 mentoring and the main reason many of our students sign up. Get in touch via your course dashboard and ask us any photography related question.

Earn your diploma certificate

Once you have completed the main course fundamentals you will be given your online certificate. Find out more about our photography degree certificates.

Continue learning with our ever updating diplomas

We regulary add genre specific diplomas to the course. Visit our classes and diplomas tab on your dashboard for more information.

SmartDiploma Information

In order to ensure that you choose the right degree for you we have put together a few further points on the SmartDiploma and the Smart degree platform:

- 18+ Modules of Photography Learning
- 1 to 1 Mentoring and Support Available
- Step by Step Learning Platform
- No time restraints on course membership or specific course modules
- Modules covering photography genres including landscape, wedding, sport, event and many more.
- Written reference support to help in your career

Aim of the degree

The aim of the Smart degree is simple, to teach you photography and guide you along in your photography journey.

Our modules teach you the core principles while our mentoring offers degree support and guidance helping you earn your diploma.

What does the degree cover?

The Smart degree covers all aspects of photography including:
- The History of Photography
- The History of Photographic Development
- Core Photography Skills
- Camera Settings
- Photography Phrases
- Getting the most out of your equipment
- Composition
- Rule of Thirds, Rule of Odds and Golden Ratio
- Aperture, ISO and Shutterspeed
- Wedding Photography
- Sports Photography
- Photography Equipment
- Black & White Photography
- Landscape Photography
- Top Tips
- Mistakes to avoid
- Post Production, Retouching & Editing

Is a degree or diploma right for you?

Studying on a online course or degree can be a full time commitment. Many potential students struggle to commit the time due to other responsibilities however Smart is very much focused on learning in your own time. We don’t have time restraints or membership expiries and prefer to ensure you learn at your own pace.

A photography degree is right for you if you want to improve your photographic ability and have something to show for it at the end.

Get started on your degree

There is never a better time to start on your degree. With the photography sector growing quicker than ever it’s the perfect time to enrol and start learning photography.

When you enrol on the Smart course you will learn many different skills including:

- Mastering your camera and its settings
- Learning composition and photographic principles
- Understanding and controlling light
- Business and Marketing insights
- Understand the golden triangle. ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed
- Photoshop & Lightroom Editing
- Retouching & Workflow
- Sources of Inspiration

To start on your path to your photography diploma by enrolling on your degree please sign up using our JOIN NOW page.

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