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Give the gift of education with the Smart Gift Voucher

If you are looking for something a little more out of the ordinary then why not give a gift of photography education with our Smart gift cards.

Maybe a friend or family member has received a new camera or you are look to gift the perfect retirement gift. No matter the occasion the Smart gift card can be the perfect gift.

So how does it work?

The Smart gift card works a little different to our normal sign up process. You still get full access however due to data protection you simply need to email us with your gift card code and full name of the person you want to present the card to.

Once you have emailed us you will be issued a payment system before being presented with a unique identification number that can be used only once for that user.

To order you gift card you must send your email plus gift card amount to [email protected].

What gift amounts are there?

Below you will find the three Smart photo course discounts available to purcahse.

Course Full Membership - Use Code GC100
50% Off Course Membership - Use Code GC50
25% Off Course Membership - Use Code GC25

For full pricing of course please visit the sign up page.

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