The Smart Brand

Smart is an ever growing brand, strengthening as each new member starts on their journey of photography. With that in mind we encourage the sharing and presentation of Smart in all form however any representation should fall within the listed guidelines found within this page ensuring Smart's Brand Identity remains true to our vision. We hope you will all actively and co-operatively help share the Smart project.

Core Guidelines ⇢
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Core Guidelines


- Spread the word of Smart and use any of the assets available throughout this page
- Comply with all our terms of use and follow our privacy policy.
- Refer to Smart as 'Smart', 'Smart Photo Courses' or 'Smart Photography Courses'
- Refer to our project as either a singularity 'course' or plurally 'courses'


- Use ANY Smart asset including but not limited to names, logos, imagery in a way that negatively depicts the Smart brand
- Associate Smart with any sexually explicit content, unlawful activity or other materials
- Imply any partnership with Smart without prior consent
- Modify, alter or change ANY Smart asset including names, logos and imagery
- Use ANY Smart asset as part of merchandise or product you are selling
- Claim copyright or any other rights over the Smart name or available products/services


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Mike - Smart Director

Mike - Smart Director

Tom - Smart Director

Tom - Smart Director

Naming Conventions

Please use the following naming conventions when referring to Smart and the Smart Brand:

Smart Photo Course
Smart Photography Course
Smart Photo Courses
Smart Photography Courses

Please DO NOT use the following styles:



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smart logo

Smart Logo - 2016 - Full Colour

smart logo

Smart Logo - 2016 - Transparent Background

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