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wedding photography shot list for brides and grooms as well as photographers

Free Wedding Photography Shot List

Are you for real?! A Wedding Photography Shot List!! …but please hear us out. This wedding photography shot list is aimed at someone who is just starting out in wedding photography. […]

Category: Other | Date: 05.05.2017

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Unconventional Compostion

A look into unconventional composition specifically used in the award-winning tv drama MR. ROBOT. Take a peek into the shows breathtaking cinematography and learn how you could utilise the techniques.

Category: Tips and Tricks | Date: 31.01.2017

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New Website New Blog

It’s here. The brand new Smart Photo Courses website. We encourage you to have a good look around and leave your comments and feedback in this post. Enjoy the site!

Category: Other | Date: 30.12.2016

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