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Generally speaking it is said that the purpose of a degree is to take an already present passion and ignite it, nurture it and encourage its growth.

At Smart we follow the same philosophy. If you love photography but rate yourself as an enthusiastic amateur looking to improve then we have all the tools necessary for you to achieve your goal.

The Smart learning platform can help turn you from a beginner into a professional photographer.

What skills are needed to enrol?

One of the most common questions we receive is, ‘What do I need to know already?’ and the answer is… Nothing.

Don’t get us wrong, you need to have a passion for photography and a desire to learn all about the topic but as far as actual skills required, there is none.

Smart starts from the very very basic level of, what is a camera, or how does a camera work. The step by step learning platform then guides you through everything from turning the camera on the capturing stunning shots. Furthermore the course delves into industry specifics such as 101 in sports photography or a guide to photoshop and lightroom retouching.

As long as you are willing to work hard and learn then no prior experience is required.

Do I need a camera?

No not really. A camera is a tool to create images and will definitely come in useful but as for whether you actually need one is a good question.

The course can teach you the theory and processes behind photography long before you need to pick up a camera. Many of our practical assignments will of course require some level of camera however many of the assignments are not mandatory meaning you will be able to earn your photography degree and certificate without ever taking a shot.

Nowadays pretty much everyone has access to a camera. All the learning and assignments that make up the Smart are also applicable to Smartphones. While some of the advanced assignments will be better undertaken with a full frame dslr the actual philosophy being learnt will be able to be tried and tested on many of the most popular Smartphones.

All our classes can be individually altered to your camera model. The easiest way to do this is to reach out using the student mentor program. Simply send us a message with information about your camera and the class module you are currently undertaking and we will go out of our way to ensure the learning is bespoke to you.

What is a beginner photographer?

When we say we can take you from a beginner to a professional photographer, really it doesn’t have any meaning at all.

Many of our students have no interest in turning their photography into a career whereas many of the ‘beginners’ have never even picked up a camera.

Fundamentally the idea behind the classes is to take you from never having picked up a camera to a well versed and professional standard. Not only that we believe that it’s more than beginner to professional, with the word ‘successful’ springing to mind. It’s all right being able to charge for your services but we believe that we can mentor you into a successful photographer whether than means financially or with other extrinsic rewards.

Smart is the ultimate course when it comes to transforming your photographic ability.

What about In-between Beginner and Professional?

With photography there is no shortcuts. We believe that in order to reach a high standard or a master of photography, you need to learn everything. Even if you decide not to use certain skills when creating your own photographic style.

Smart teaches you pretty much everything you would need to know from camera settings and the history of photography right through to creating photography as art.

What do you mean when you say professionally skilled?

In our opinion, professionally skilled means having a complete understanding of photographic rules and principles; a comprehensive knowledge of exactly how a camera works and the science behind it as well as finally being able to put that knowledge into motion to create fascinating imagery.

Furthermore, we believe that a professional photographer is someone that can be defined as having made a career out of photography by running their own sucessfull photography practice.

Can you actually help with starting career?

We believe so.

Before turning to online education, everyone of the Smart team members were succesfull photographers in their own field. Between them there had been countless awards, lucractive studios and experience and knowing exactly what it takes to turn photography into a career.

While every student is different, providing you work hard and listen to the knowledge provided by the Smart mentors, you will be able to turn your photography into a full time career.

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