Our Story

We created Smart because we wanted to teach. We wanted to guide and nurture new photography talent taking aspiring amateurs from beginners, right through to professional artists. Photography is so much more than a hobby for us. It's a way of life with far reaching results and consequences. When you go from one side of the lens to the other you see the world in a whole new light.

Unlike the other online courses available, Smart prides itself on affordability, long term thinking and a fundamental photography course that is far greater than others. Smart is the only photography course designed specifically to take you from complete newbie to running your own successful studio.

The Smart Culture

Smart firmly believes in harboring a rich and diverse culture within its working environment. While we are a still young company we are passionate about creating a 'we are equal' policy ensuring that all our members, creatives, tutors, mentors, staff, tea makers, partners, founders, friends and pretty much anyone and anything we are associated with is given and actively pursues a fair and honest policy.

Community & People

We are everyone. We are the janitor, the photographer, the web designer, the teacher, the artist, the newbie, the award-winner, the copywriter, the lawyer, the coder, the research consultant. We are everyone that has ever had a say in the Smart idea as every contribution has made us what we are.

As with our cultural principles we are keen on ensuring we nurture a vibrant and engaging community. All our students, members and team are encouraged to be as active and collaborative as they possibly can. Problems can shared within the community as together we are stronger.

Our Founders

The Smart idea has been growing since early 2012. Smart started as a photography studio and has since grown into the fastest growing online learning platform in the world. We offer our course across countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia and many more.

The Smart platform fully launched in May 2015 and has been actively growing ever since as founders, Tom and Mike strive to develop a learning experience that can help all aspiring photographers.


As the head creative director and lead photography consultant Mike has an active day to day role of ensuring the course learning structure is up to date with the latest photography trends. As an award-winning photographer he believes that the course needs to deliver award-winning education and will not stop until he believes the course is as complete as it possibly can. Mike founded Smart alongside Tom in Spring 2015 after achieving a 'Master of Art' masters degree from the University of Birmingham.


Tom works tirelessly on ensuring the Smart experience is perfect. He believes learning should be interactive and exciting. Intuitive is his word of choice and as head of creative strategy and deployment he continues to strive towards developing a teaching program that learns its students needs and adapts to teach in the most effective and thought provoking way. Tom has a bachelors degree in marketing from Sheffield Hallam University.

Award-Winning Professionals

Before creating Smart, both Tom and Mike were highly respected photographers and had won multiple awards within their niche of wedding photography. Their awards included Fearless photographers, 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography Nomination, TWIA Highly Commended and many other awards of different entities.

Tom and Mike are now committed to creating an award-winning course, not for the accolades or recognition but because any award they achieve must mean they are slowly achieving their goal of creating the worlds best photography course.

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