Passionate about photography and education? Well Smart might be the ideal company for you allowing follow your passion and help drive innovation within the photography education industry.

Leading the way

Smart is leading the way when it comes to creating new and exciting ways to learn photography including the latest trends and techniques within the industry.

Our 1 to 1 mentoring has revolutionised the way our students learn as every student has access to award winning professional photographers that are heavily involved within the photography community as well as highly experienced when it comes to running their own photography studios.

As well as our ‘fundamentals of photography’ course we are constantly updating and re-designing our stunning online learning platform. Our platform is pushing boundaries within the photographic community and we want you to join us as we continue to take learning to the next level.

You could thrive at Smart.

Company Roles

Smart offers various roles for potential candidates and believe that everyone is equally as important as we all strive to make learning easier as we create the next generation of photographers.

Whether at board level or working closely with our students, Smart has a role that is perfect for you and your skill set.

Mentors & Tutors

At the beating heart of Smart you will find our tutors offering 1 to 1 mentoring and guidance to all our students.

You will be directly involved with helping users complete the ‘fundamentals of photography’ course by guiding them through the course as well as offering specific notes on various aspects of the classes and lessons.

As well as helping users complete the course you are also their go to for all of their photography needs. Whether they need help starting their own studio or just improving a specific aspect of their photography, you will be there to help.


All our students use our online learning platform. A platform that we are always adapting and improving to help fit the ever changing needs of our users.

As a Smart developer you will be on the front line as you create new and exciting ways for our users to interact with our platform.


Whether it’s the design of the course, updating the website or creating artwork for advertising and marketing campaigns. We are always looking for great designers and artists to help put our ideas into an exciting visual medium.


Of course we wouldn’t be a photography course without our photographers. Our photographers help contribute images to the website as well as working alongside our lecturers to create inspiring workshops for our students.

We want to use your knowledge and skills to help create the new generations of photographers.


We often run workshops and photography conferences and as a result require leading industry lecturers to help present and create awesome content. Whether you are a photographer, a specialist in marketing or an expert in photography workflow we would love to hear from you.

Becoming a photographer and running a photography business requires knowledge of all different aspects. We always like to give our students all the pieces of the puzzle when starting their photography journey and if you believe you can be part of it then we would love to hear from you.


One of the key principles we built our platform on was fast, reliable and experienced support. We offer our students 24.7 support for any of their needs. Whether they are struggling with an aspect of the platform, wanting to report a fault or need additional help in continuing their journey, our support team will be there for them.

Marketing & Sales

Growing the Smart brand is of course something we are passionate about. If you believe you have the experience and knowledge required to help Smart reach its potential then we would love to hear all about you.

Content Curators

The Smart Blog is a leading online publication and as a result we are always after writers and experts from the photography community. If you want to write for us we would love to hear all about your photography article ideas. Simply send us an article concept with information on your potential post and you and your experiences and we can see if you are the right fit for us.

Employee Perks

We offer a range of photography perks to all our employees. Below we have listed a few of the benefits of joining the Smart team.

Active Community

Smart is a vibrant and active photography community, whether part of the Smart team or a student involved in the course we believe you will love everything we offer. You will be encouraged to take part in events as well as getting involved with our workshops.

Our community also loves to help. We believe a problem shared is a problem halved as we all work towards the goal of creating the world’s best online photography course.

Innovative Company

When you join Smart you are joining an ever-adapting and innovative business. We are passionate about creating new and exciting ways to learn photography. We are constantly researching the best way to create the ideal learning experience.

Discounts and Rewards

Everybody likes a good discount and with Smart you will have access to hundreds of photography offers including rewards on the latest camera gear and equipment as well as discounts on other workshops and events.

Access to the Smart Platform

Of course when you become part of the Smart team you get full access to the award winning Smart learning platform complete with workshops, mentoring and support.

Life at Smart

We believe that a happy team member will deliver the best results and if there is one thing we are determined to achieve it would be the best results for our students.

Smart employees will receive a competitive salary and generous annual leave. Plus Half Day Fridays. You can’t beat a Half Day Friday.

All our roles are remote meaning you can work from your own space in your own comfort. We will provide you will latest Laptops, Phones and Stationary to ensure you are able to do your job to the best of your ability. Our creatives will also have access to the latest photography equipment and will get to experiment with new gear in live shoot sessions with our photography students.

Empower Your Career

Smart is more than just an educational institute for it’s students, it’s also a place where every member of the team is always learning and improving their education.

We understand that Smart is a relatively new project and as a tech start-up we understand that we are ideally placed to help as a stepping stone for your career.

We encourage you to push yourself as you learn about yourself and what you want to achieve. Smart want to be there every step of the way for you.

Empower your career with Smart.

Tell us about yourself

If you are interested in joining the Smart team then please forward your cover letter and cv to [email protected]. Please mention your coveted role within the email.

If we feel you are suited to joining the Smart team then we will be in touch.

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