Our Company

Smart, or Smart Photo Courses as we are often referred to,
was set up in the spring of 2016. Our goal was simple, to deliver
outstanding photography based learning to all our members. With one of the
fatest growing communities we are proud to say that the
dream is well and truly underway.

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  • Over 18In-Depth Modules
  • 1 on 1Mentors & Tutors
  • 140+Core Online Units
  • 24/7Personal Support
  • 400+Interactive Videos

Our Mission

Defining our mission is not such an easy task...
We know we want to deliver outstanding e-learning however our main
mission is to empower potential photographers so they can achieve their goals.
With our 1 on 1 mentoring program we want to offer support and advice
to any scenario that any budding or professional
photographer might find themselves in.

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Committed to Teaching

Smart is 100% committed to teaching new and aspiring photographers.

We believe anyone of any age can follow their dreams of becoming a professional photographer. Our students range in age from as young as 12 all the way up to 64.

With Smart, anybody can learn photography

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Made in
Staffordshire, UK

For all enquiries including Press, Jobs and General Support please forward emails to [email protected]

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