10 of Our Favourite Smart Members Photos from 2016

In this post we are going to take a quick look at 10 of our favourite Smart Members Photos from 2016.

The strength and breadth of the imagery in the Smart community is better than we could ever of imagined.

Congratulations guys!

Italian Sunset

Italian Sunset by Smart Member William Gregson

We really liked how William photographed and edited this breathtaking sunset.

The moody clouds add a bit of drama and the light hitting the sea is lovely.

Self Portrait by Adam Kinrade

A great self portrait by Adam Kinrade.

His shallow depth of field really isolates him from the background with a very sharp focus on the eyes.

This can always be tricky when photographing yourself and usually requires multiple attempts.

Well done Adam!

Street Art by Stephen Hill

We really like how Stephen has gone beyond just photographing a piece of street art.

The inclusion of the man walking towards it generates other meanings which we just love.

Water Portrait by Neil Creed

With this photograph Neil has demonstrated a great use of a fast shutter speed in order to freeze the water.

Concept Photography by Bjaki

We couldn’t decide what is really going on in this photo but we had a lot of discussion about the possibilities.

Perhaps Darth Vader has used the force to light the Christmas Tree? why are there opened presents?

We will never know for sure but we like the mystery.

Abstract image of water by Leah Garner

It took us a while to figure out what this image was.

A great use of creative cropping to not reveal too much which keeps the viewer guessing.

warm colourful new york sunset

Image of New York at Sunset by Heidi Green

This is a great image of The Empire State Building and the rest of New York City.

The beautiful sunset also provide some lovely light that just catches the buildings and the off center composition allows you too explore the image.

Please see our blog post 10 Tips for New York Travel Photography if you want to see more great images of the Big Apple.

Bride and Groom by David Lindsley

Great intimate wedding photography by David and surely an image that the couple will treasure for years to come.

Travel Photo by Emily Scott

A little bit of a wacky travel photo by Emily here.

Is the person putting his hands out like that to ask why are you photographing me? Has he lost something in the water and does Emily know the person being photographed?

Great use of Bokeh by Danniele Harding

This photograph by Daniele really shows a great use of shallow depth of field to isolate the fingers playing the guitar.

Rainbow and Waterfall in Iceland by Elaine Holdgate

Elaine’s dark image was brightened by the addition of the rainbow that was formed from the waterfall.

We love the moody tones that really make us want to visit Iceland ASAP!

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